Sunday, May 25, 2008

Been Tagged!

I love meme's and I'm so out of the loop right now! If I tag someone who has already been tagged, then oops. Sorry...pregnant brain! Enjoy!

1) First thing you wash in the shower? Hair
2) What color is your fav hoodie? baby blue velour goes with the matching cute for maternity too!
3) Do you plan outfits? Sometimes. My fave right now is the pickles and ice cream tee and the matching pink skirt. To me they only go together!
4) How are you feeling RIGHT now? tired and huge!
5) What's the closest thing to you thats red? A christmas pic of Cuz and M in their t-mas pj's
6) Tell me about the last dream you remember having? Just had a dream that I was being really irritable with M and she was feeling dejected. Pregnancy dreams are really emotional and weird.
7) Did you meet anybody new today? Well, waiters and waitresses. One, liked my pickles and ice cream tee
8) What are you craving right now? thirsty, just thirsty. Been craving carbonated beverages today, but they make me even more thirsty so that doesn't work. Just had watered down grape juice over ice instead.
9) Do you floss? No. almost never, but I should. It's irritating cause I have all these permanent retainers that make it almost impossible to floss a good deal of my teeth, so I usually just don't do it at all.
10) What comes to mind when I say cabbage? you don't want to know...but I'll say the second thing that comes to mind and that's the St. Patricks day parade in new orleans (they throw veggies including lots of cabbage).
11) Are you emotional? More so now than usual.
12) Have you ever counted to 1,000? Oh yeah. I know I used to do counting games alot as a many licks to get to middle of a tootsie pop...
13) Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? Lick it.
14) Do you like your hair? actually I do today. It annoys me alot, but it is really great hair.
15) Have you ever met a celebrity? I'm sure I have, but I don't really remember it as being a big deal. I met Jars of Clay twice as a teen and thought that was pretty cool.
16) Do you like cottage cheese? Yes. I hate ricotta so I replace it with cottage cheese in recipes, but I love fruit with cottage cheese.
17) What are you listening to right now? the sound of silence, hallelujah
18) How many countries have you visited? 1) Germany 2) Jamaica 3) Mexico 4) and I live in the US 5) and various countries on the way to these...airport stops and what not.
19) Are your parents strict? Yes! Ha!
20) Would you go sky diving? Not sure. Haven't decided that one yet. Did bungee head first in college...not too bad actually.
21) Would you have dinner with George W. Bush? Sure!
22) Would you throw potatoes at him? Nope
23) Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in? My shirt of course, and some my little pony's hair
24) Have you ever been in a castle? Yep...several in Germany. Not as big of a deal really.
25) Do you rent movies often? Yep...Redbox Free Movie Mondays, and wednesdays this month
26) Have you ever made a prank phone call? Oh yeah, the Meyer cousins taught me and the siblings how to do that when we were young. They grew us in so many ways!
27) Do you own a gun? Not anymore, but hubs is a different story. He's a good old southern boy.
28) Can you count backwards from 74? Of course
29) Brown or white eggs? Doesn't matter.
30) Ever been on a train? Yep.
31) Are you too forgiving? Sometimes, but a little less so as I get older. Anyway, is there such things as too forgiving. Didn't Jesus command that of us...what was it 70X7 and so forth?!
32) Do you use Chap-Stick? A good bit. Burt's Bees is my fave, but they've recently sold out to another company so we'll have to see.
33) What is your best friend doing tomorrow? Not sure since it is a holiday. Usually she works on Mondays.
34) Can you use chop sticks? Yes, when I'm not with children.
35) Ever had cream puffs? ? Possibly. I think I know what that is.
36) What was the last CD you bought? who buys CD's? I-tunes baby!
37) Is your hair curly? Nope.. straight.
38) Ever walked into a wall? I believe so.
39) Fav time of the year? Anything other than summer
40) Favorite color? bright pink!
41) Are you sarcastic? Sometimes.
42) Do you have any tattoos? No, but I've gone back and forth on wanting one.
43) Do you sleep with the TV on? No way. Usually can't. my brain has trouble shutting down.
44) What is your favorite animal? Cats
45) Can you hula hoop? Not anymore, but I used to be really good at it as a kid. They aren't conducive to hips if you ask me.

Don't know who to tab...hmmm...I tag BETH C., and ? I'll fill in some more later.