Saturday, November 10, 2007

Been Sick

I've been out sick. Not pregnant sick (though that is a small portion of it), managed to get the stomach virus extended version. I started feeling bad last saturday and didn't feel significantly better till Thursday. Wore myself out Friday trying to make up for all the lost days. Went to bed at 9pm. last night.

Today was a good deal better. Still feeling pregnant...nothing sounds good, slight headache, lots of exhaustion, but significantly better. Would've helped if I had gotten out of the house today. M and I did have a dance party on the porch while hubs took our stuff to Goodwill. It was fun...M clearly thought so also. I had a mediocre night with M seeing as it was traumatic poop day! Had to do the suppository thing tonight after reading 5 stories to her while she sat on the potty. She hates the "posi" but what do you do when you kid won't poo. It all kicked in eventually and she ended up going on the potty about 3 days worth! She ought to feel significantly better! AND she did it on the potty so she got a special prize. I think in the end she was proud of herself. Now if I can just keep that all going somehow...

Spent an hour on the phone chatting with a friend. It's nice to have someone I can do that with. Us ladies need eachother. That was like a blessed break for us both! I'm looking into making some pj's for m and her cuz for their Christmas picture. We'll see... Off to bed.


kathylove said...

Kelley's oldest daughter, Rily, had the same problem with pooping as M seems to have. She just would not go and when she finally did it hurt so bad because it would be so large and hard! Kelley gave her lots of fruit and some children's fiber tablets which helped some. As she got older and more able to understand that she must poop at least once a day, she would sit on the potty until she did. There were lots of tears though. For the last couple of years she has done fine, but it was a struggle for a while. She will be 7 in a few days. auntkathylove