Thursday, November 15, 2007

Things are Looking Up

I've been feeling significantly better! Hallelujah! Seriously, I was still not feeling well. I discovered that my prenatals were the culprit. So I've been doing the flinstone vitamin thing for the last 3 days and feel 10 times better! I'm still feeling pregnant. A little "ookie" when morning comes or my stomach is getting too empty. I feel tired alot and am not at all interested in cooking or cleaning.

I hugged a friends neck today. That was nice.

I got some good news about this baby and money today. That was great!

I'm at witt's end with M's poo issues, but I think we've decided to cut out dairy entirely...maybe try goat or soy milk. she already can't do cheese. Something's gotta give on this issue. Seriously doing a number on our family time.

My house is a disaster and I told my hubs that I have lost all handle on this household and he laughed as did I, and said that he hasn't said anything cause he's been of absolutely no help! Ha. Funny moment but great communication. So maybe we'll do some cleaning before we skip out of town for thanksgiving extravaganza.

AND I think we're putting up the tree today! M can hardly wait and neither can her mother!

On birthing center...I went to my appt. at blessed births and loved it. It was a good fit, so for now I suppose that is the route I'm taking.


Meredith Peel said...

Sorry you've been feeling bad, but glad you're starting to feel better. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few days!!!