Friday, December 19, 2008


When you have to wake M up...she tends to be a little on the grumpy side. And that's what I got to deal with all morning. I took her to school today so hubs could get to work early (so he could sneak away to her Christmas Program at 10:30). She is decked from head to toe (minus the pink dora crocs that she insisted on wearing) in Christmas attire...but no Christmas music folks! As we were on our way to school I thought it'd be fun to hear some children's Christmas music that my SIL gave us. Boy was I wrong. She crabbed at me cause it wasn't Backyardigans. Then she says, "I don't like Christmas!" To which I replied..."That's o.k. I'll just give your presents to other children who love Christmas."
"I like presents...i just don't like Christmas."
"well," i say, "that's sad cause children that don't like Christmas don't have any need for presents."
Then I hear her quietly say, "I really do love Christmas"
"Mommy loves Christmas cause that was Jesus' birthday!"

In the same car ride she randomly says, "I wish I had a real pony. A real pony of my very own with wings that was a pegasus!"
"Really! if u did would you pick mommy up for a ride cause i've never done that before?"
"yes, but you would have to hold on his wings."

and this discussion about the best way to ride a pegasus continues on...


It's a Mom Thing said...

She looked way cute today...she is so funny and dramatic. I wonder where she gets that from? haha!

She was just precious when she said "Goodbye T$, I love you." What a good friend. Funny how they seem to play together every day even though they aren't in the same class.

Alyson said...

She must have just finished watching that Barbie DVD we watched when I was there. The one where Barbie's sister is turned into a horse by the mean guy. LOL!

She's really having a hard time not being the center of attention anymore, isn't she?

Shelby said...

She cracks me up... seriously, where does she come up with this stuff? First, not liking Christmas to how to ride a pegasus? ha ha ha! I wonder what things will come out of Stone once he really starts conversing!

Happy Anniversary, late! Sorry I missed it!