Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This goes out to itsamomthing. I believe its their anniversary today...AND I didn't actually post on my anniversary which was Monday the 15th, so it goes out to me and my hubs as well.

7 years has gone by mighty fast...i was tempted to say without a hitch, but that wouldn't be very true. I mean for heaven's sake! We moved every year of our marriage for the first 3 or 4 years, then came Katrina, after which multiple more moves occurred. Just before that lovely natural disaster came even lovelier M! She was but a mere 6 weeks at the time of our evacuation! Man was her nursery adorable! Actually our whole seminary apartment was pretty awesome...all decorated the way we wanted it. (All 706 sq. ft. of it!)

We've been through a lot and I have to say I wouldn't have rather been through any of it with any other person! I still think he's funny, hunky, adorable, sweet, kind, se*xy, and manly. He has come a long way, as have I I'm sure. He is so much more considerate and conscientious with me and the kids. He takes care of us. I love that. And I just wanna say that I can't wait for many more years to come.


It's a Mom Thing said...

Awwww...Happy Anniversary you two! You guys have been through a lot and I'm sure your marriage is stronger because of it.

And you're right, we celebrated our 9th over Chick Fil A and packing for our romantic.