Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wading through Immunizations

I contacted my fave pediatrician, Dr Hales, in New Orleans for his latest and greatest Shot Record. This is what he's chosing to do now.

2 months--Pc, Comvax (Hep B/Hib)
3 months--DPTa, IVP (polio)
4 months--same as 2 months
5 months--same as 3 months
6 months--Pc
7 months--DPTa
12 months--Pc, PPD (that's just the TB test), Comvax
15 months--Varicella (chicken pox), DPTa
18 months--MMR, IVP

Now I'm not sure why he does or doesn't do Rotavirus, but I think I'm going to call and check into that and the MMR. I think it has to do with the fact that Rotavirus is so common and that kids get over it fairly easily. And how does he get by with postponing it to 18months when the AAP recommends it be done no later than 15 months? Personally I'm thrilled that he delays the MMR as it is in combined form.

Today, I talked to my midwife at Blessed Births about all this immunization stuff. She is also the mother of 7 and a grandmother and she said after much prayer and research they chose not to do any immunizations, but that that is indeed a personal choice. I told her that I was interested in doing immunizations as they are required, but not necessarily in that order and such. Breaking them up so as not to overload the infants system. She said that was smart. She also said that you do have a choice and you can pick and chose, you just have to have a pediatrician that will work with you. DHEC is not necessarily the most accomodating in this respect. So, I got some names.

I also got the heads up from Jill T. in my mom to mom group that has a whole story on this with suggestions for peds. in this area. It should give a starting point if you are looking to find someone that can work with you on an alternate vaccine schedule.

Here are the names and such that my midwife suggested: The only heads up she gave was if you have an infant, get an early appt. so your wait doesn't get too long. They do spend a good bit of time with you in the office with the doctor once it is your turn, so they can get behind. (North Hills)

Dr. Gamble
3904 S Highway 14
North Hills Medical Center
Greenville, SC 29615-6138


Holly Tree Family
Dr. Berglind
1338 Highway 14
Simpsonville, SC 29681