Thursday, June 12, 2008

But not Today...

Cuz has a little thing he likes to say that comes from the book Hop on Pop. "See you tomorrow...but not today."

Well, today was not my day. SIL and Bro offered to steal my M for awhile, and being as unintelligent as I am, I told them why don't we all go to see the free movie. Regal Cinemas does this Family Fun Fest all summer and since summer camp begins next week and runs for 6 weeks, we won't have many chances to do this. Now I know our children aren't even 3 and they don't really sit through long movies, but they often do pretty well given enough space, so I thought it might be fun. Plus, who doesn't love Veggie Tales.

Well, the actual movie part went pretty well. They got restless nearer the end, but they had enough open space to keep them occupied till the movie was up. Problem was, due to some interesting interruptions, SIL had to slip out and take the only car, so we had to wait for her return when the movie was over. Now, in grown up time, we didn't really wait long, but in kid world, this is where the meltdowns began. (Not to mention the snacks and juice that they inhaled during the movie). We all went to lunch at Panera, but by this time it was one thing after another with both children. M had had either, not enough sleep since she was up again before 7, too many snacks, or too much stimulation (or all of the above most likely), that she was neither listening, responding, or obeying. It was an uphill battle most of the morning.

We all trek to SIL's car, since it's been working only spurratically to see if maybe it would work so that they could drive it to the shop. it did, so we trekked to Nani's house to get my car. Met at my house, cause the mechanic is literally my neighbor, and it was nap time. Now, M was in no mind for a nap, but that doesn't always mean she won't settle enough to take one. So I put her down like usual and plopped into my bed. I dozed enough to call it a power nap only to hear her open my door and say that her tummy hurt and she needed to potty. So, I give her privacy on the potty at her her clean up her mess (seems to make the whole wiping thing into something messy instead of something to help clean up). Then back to bed. No way has she even begun to sleep.

I try to nap some more, but my brain is now awake even if my body is tired. I hear things...course on my street and in this old house, I always hear things, so I try to give my child the benefit of the doubt. Then there is obvious noise. I head in with Mr. Sad Swat and find her out of her bed playing and trying to take off her clothes. I give her a swat which she didn't expect. This made her sad (broken hearted cry) and she sobs "but nap time's over..." I tell her that naptime is not over if you haven't taken a nap and ask her why she is getting undressed. She says she needs to potty (surely not again, we haven't drank that much seriously). So, we do go again. Then back to bed a third time, to which I tell her that nap time will not be over until she has actually slept, knowing that even if she doesn't nap she will be out of that bed by 5 so that she will actually go to bed tonight.

I haven't heard much from her since, so maybe she actually did fall asleep. In any event, I have to wake her by 5 which should make for one cranky kid, and I'm not too great myself. Couldn't get the rest I needed. Wasn't able to turn off the mom switch at all. Don't feel like making dinner and I'm a little dizzy. Not to mention I ate to much popcorn between today's movie and last night's movie...and I'm mildly allergic to corn...You get the picture.

Hopefully, J's homecoming will be worth all the anticipation. Poor guy. That's a lot to shoulder just coming home from a long days work! But...Tomorrow is another day. We can only hope for the best.