Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more than 38wks.

Well, I had my appt. today and it was rather uneventful. I gained 1 pound, my blood pressure went down (it wasn't high anyway--but high for me) so now its 104/70 something. I felt better about that since it was creeping up in the 120's... Baby boy has for the most part righted himself. His back was straight on in the middle today and she told me something else I didn't know. That sometimes they find that the baby does rotate when his little back gets colt. That makes some sense cause everytime I sit at this computer for a while, he seems to show more feet. The air blows directly on me for the legs to the tummy. Now I love this! i'm burning up these days. But maybe he's getting chilly! Ha!

I did wake up this a.m. with a bloody nose. One of those kinds that comes at random when you're a kid. And seriously it may have been that long since I've had one...but it went away easily and I was headed to my appt. anyway, so I just asked them about it there. No big deal they said. it does happen in some pregnancies...all that pregnant sinus stuff. I think M was a little concerned cause she covered her head with her blanket while I made it go away. That was kind of cute.

I imagined that that is exactly what she would do if she were invited into the birthing room to see the birth. She might just cover her head with her blanket until someone told her it was over. No...we're not inviting her in there.

No real news I suppose is good news. I got to see my new favorite midwife again. She did look a little weary, and she apologized, but they have dubbed this week birthing week at blessed births cause so far they are working on 4 in the last few days. 2 at a time. She is on call monday-wednesdays so I'm mentally shooting for those days, but doesn't matter, cause all of them are great! And my doula will be the same regardless.

Had a good bit of braxton hicks yesterday, which I was glad for cause I had none last time. At least I know my body is preparing for the birth. Since it was midwife visit day, I just thought I'd update. And that is all. I'm going to go out tonight with a friend! I don't do this often, just me and a gal pal, no kids...So I'm thrilled. Thanks for your prayers about baby boys position. Of course, continue to pray for his safe and healthy delivery. The time will be here soon. If it were to go exactly as M had, I'd be giving birth in the next few days! I don't anticipate this however, but none the less, reality sets in.