Monday, June 09, 2008

In Response to "Rural Doctor"

Love how he/you chose to call me "lady." Haha. Seriously, though. Your comment was certainly "heartfelt" and opinionated. I'm not at all concerned with research that as you said yourself is not definitive. I am a well educated, well informed parent of an unborn child who would like to limit the amount of little known chemical exposures and reactions that my child receives. I like to think of that as good parenting. I realize that I am not a Doctor and do not have a medical degree, but that certainly doesn't make me less suited to be this child's mother.

You obviously didn't bother to read my entire post because your "argument" had something to do with the fact that there is no definitive evidence of a link between shots and autism. Also, you mentioned something to the effect of the whole, "if no one vaccinated, then..." argument. Here are my responses to both.

I stated in my last post that I am not a die-hard no vaccines for you kinda gal. I completely understand and validate the need to vaccinate your kids. My point is to do it in an informed way instead of just assuming that one schedule is right for all children. Last time I did all this new mother stuff, I did things differently. I asked some questions, but mostly I just let healthcare professionals do whatever they wanted. Not to say that they are out to get me or my family members, but rather to say that I mindlessly did most things. The birth, the shots, mostly anything related to healthcare.

Not this time. I have a brain and two degrees. I was accepted into doctoral studies before I began growing this family. I figure its time to use my brain in parenting as well. My intent is to have my child fully vaccinated by the time he is through his third year. This may or may not go according to my plan and I'm o.k. with that. I'm pretty flexible. But I want to give my child a fighting chance at allowing his little body to metabolize and better deal with the amount of chemicals being injected into hi little body all at one time. Thus, I chose to limit his vaccines to two at a time, only one of which will be aluminum containing. Seriously, even if in 50 years they say that there finally is definitive research that suggests no harm or connection at all, what harm is there in spreading out the vaccines.

So, I am fully vaccinating my child, just on a slightly longer schedule...and I say slightly because by the time he is ready for school, he'll have had all the same shots as the other children. Also, about that whole "no definitive link" argument...the problem with that is that there is no definitive studies and research to suggest that there is definitively NOT a link. And that is my gripe. Certainly, we are exposed to enough chemicals in our daily life that are unnecessary, why should I encourage injecting them into a child so small that his little body really can't deal with processing all that yet. What will that do to my child? Who knows...apparently no one, not even dr's and research know as of yet. So, I will protect my child as I see fit. I can't protect him from everyone and everything all the time, but this is something I can do, so I will.

Instead of ruffling your feathers, it should make you feel encouraged that someone actually educated themselves to make wise parenting choices for their family. I'm sure you see many of people in your practice that don't think for themselves. Whether you enjoy that or not, I am not in your practice, nor am I one of those that doesn't think for themselves. Good luck to you in dealing graciously with someone like me who may or may not seek out your services.



right on, mama

Alyson said...

Word to the wise. Do not mess with a pregnant mother! :)

You do your thing, girl. It's you and J's child, so whatever you think is best is what's good for you. It may not work for others, and to each their own.

Praying for a healthy delivery!

Meredith said...

I think that someone people get a little too caught up in what they think they know so much about(Mr. Physician). I comend the fact that you are taking a more active role in the vaccinations that your children get,a dn when they get them. There is nothing wrong with being a parent,a nd that is what you are, a parent making decisions for YOUR children and people need to remember that over everything else.