Friday, June 13, 2008

Signs of the Times

There have been signs of the approaching child birth. Since about 7:26pm I have had at least 3 obvious contractions and one suspect. That's about 40 minutes apart fairly evenly spaced with the suspect one being 20 min from the previous. So...who even knows. There have been other things, and these contractions aren't painful, just very firm. So I may try to call my doula to give her the heads up. I was extremely tired today about 11:30...I could have done with out lunch in exchange for a nap. But, to no avail. I did get a good nap today and so did M, thus I won't complain.

Other signs are there but lets not gross everyone out. Some details are better left out. We shall see if we make it to Father's Day or the full moon. I don't want to jump to any conclusions. Still, I have a waterproof pad on my side of the bed and we celebrated Father's Day today...just in case.

I found a huge steak on sale at ALDI for like $5.19. It was supposed to be good till the 11th (2 days ago) but it still looked great and was marked down to $2off! So I bought the New York Strip for $3.19 and it fed all three of us very well. I paired that with a box sale box of rice pilaf, the remainder of the broccoli crowns steamed, and the bag of fresh spinach cooked Aunt Minnah style with cheese. Then I used up the way too ripe bananas with an age old box of banana cream pudding and the overstock of marshmallows that I was all to eager to use. melting butter and mixing it with the gingersnap cookie crumbs that I froze last month from some stale box sale cookies, I made a cookie crust. Then, I cut up the over ripe bananas, poured the pudding on top, then topped with marshmallows, and baked for about 15-20min. on 350 degrees. J loves banana pudding!

So he asked for steak for Father's Day and he got it. I bought the steak for 3.19 and everything else was stuff that was in desperate need of using up. M picked him out half a dozen hot pink roses from ALDI totalling 2.99 and we splurged on a fave card at CVS (across the street) for $5 i think. It made kissing sounds and had fish kissing on it. All in all, Father's Day celebration was a huge success (as I put the "Outback Alike Rub" on the steak) and didn't cost much! That's the way I like it. Only about 11 bucks and some change! And we all ate steak! Gotta love that.

I'll keep you posted on the events of this pregnancy if there are any. just had another contraction at 8:55pm. So...


Meredith said...

Gini, you're a wonder! What an incredible meal from someone so close to delivery and on such a budget : )