Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No news is no news!

Haha. I had my appt. today and they said that it sounds like "he" is getting ready. But that's all they said. I actually lost weight and my blood pressure was back up to 120/70 something...which is of course fine. I'm measuring right on and they suspect him to be about 8 pounds. Other than news.

Today is the full we'll see if that really matters. Also, I'm pretty tired so it has been a day of rest. I enjoyed a very nice, long nap, as did m. Now it's what's for dinner and what not? Since J is at Tech after 5.

M is thoroughly enjoying summer camp! I'm thrilled. They do art "class" and music "class". They play outside on the playground and so forth! And she did get to be in Cuz' class! I'm thrilled about that cause at least she'll know someone she's very comfortable with!

She is a little sad about not getting to "be" something or someone else every minute! But I have a few pics. I did pic her up a "Raggedy the Ann" wig to go with her dress we found a few weeks ago. Check out my next post about M-Antics!