Friday, June 06, 2008

Update on Diapering Choice

So, you know how I'm doing the whole cost effectiveness and eco-friendly diaper thing. Well, last night I attended a baby wearing group that meets at the library at least once a month. Check it spawns from this group. Anyway, many of these moms cloth diaper and one of the main "instructors" is a doula from the Upstate Childbirth Services, my doula service of choice. We talked cloth diapering as well while I was there and it was great. She said that most of the gals they deal with that start with the gdiaper, eventually move to no longer purchasing the disposable refills, but use prefolds or other soakers in them instead. So, I was relieved that my idea of creating my own reusable liner things will indeed work.

Also, yesterday, I was alerted by coincidence (which I don't really believe in...more like providence) of a promotional discount code for if you order $49 or recieve $10 off. This is due to a membership I have elsewhere online. So, I figure that's as close to a coupon as I'm gonna get AND they sell gDiapers and the refills! AND if you buy the case of 160 refills at $52 before the discount, supposedly you qualify for free shipping. Thank you Lord! And if YOU are also a member of Facebook, then you too can get this promotional discount. Just comment and I'll get you the info.


It's a Mom Thing said...

I'd love the promo code! please.