Friday, June 27, 2008

Is this getting old?

I'm o.k. really. A little bored maybe cause I didn't plan to be pregnant at this point, but I'm not miserable, or anxious really, or desperate. After being with one of the doulas today I have a great peace. She was so positive and encouraging. Thanks Jules.

I did stair walking...didn't really know that it was supposed to be particularly helpful, but it makes sense. I had steak n shake for lunch with the family (minus hubs who had to be at work). That was good, but man do they skimp on the meat! But I can't complain cause the shake was amazing.

One thing I enjoy about being OH SO pregnant is the stares, laughs, head turns...Seriously. People are amazed or something...I don't know. But I find it somewhat amusing and kind of cool.

I ate dominoes pizza tonight (seriously) because I'll try anything of course...and in talking today it was brought up that there are supposedly prosteglandins in the cheese that dominoes pizza uses, so there was some type of study done about women who go into labor and some type of correlation to dominoes pizza! Ha! why not! so I had that for supper. The doula let me borrow a birthing ball (big exercise ball) for trying to get this boy in place and ready. That'll be pretty cool too.

I did do something that was kind of interesting. I took M swimming at the big pool tonight after sup. I'm not a water person, so this was a deal for me...not to mention that someone as pregnant as I am should NEVER don a big red one piece maternity bathing suit! Ha! Talk about feeling sexy! I sexy walked to the doorway and did my sexiest pose leaning up against the frame and told J "I bet you've never wanted me more!" To which he replied that I looked like a very large cherry! That was funny. Needless to say I wore my oversized shirt and shorts the entire time.

But I'm wondering if it was actually a good idea or not? It did certainly feel different taking a good bit of the weight off of me, and boy when I got out could I feel the heaviness! But seems like baby boy may have moved up a bit in the process of floating around. That certainly wouldn't be the goal. Well, so I cleaned up and did a little bit of stairs at mom's house before I came home again.

Still no more news than that. I suppose he'll come when he is ready. I'll do my part as best I can, but the rest is up to him. And so we wait...