Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Quiet Moment

It is Sunday...our weekly Shabbat! Yesterday was far to "full" for my taste in Saturdays, but today is not to be that way. J is still sleeping (of course!) and so is M actually! The latter is the most amazing. The fact that I am not sleeping in is also amazing seeing as the quietness is so rare around here. Still, I was awake. I had to potty. I was get the picture. So I am blogging.

All I really have to say is an update on the pregnancy since we are almost done here. As of this coming Tuesday, we will have only two weeks left till due date, which is supposedly accurate within 1-2 days as it was officially dated by an ultrasound. I have been pretty good as far as handling the mental and physical toll that pregnancy can rend on a person's least up until recently.

I would love to officially thank my SIL for telling me to go get some generic Zantac because here at the end I have had just about unbearable acid reflux, AND NOW I DON'T! That makes me feel significantly more human! I don't know that my midwife would be real thrilled, but it got so bad that I didn't care! Unfortunately, last night I noticed my first sign of swelling! Yikes! They always ask that question when I go..."any swelling?" And I always get to say no, but not this Wednesday. And that's o.k. I think I remember a little swelling at the end of my pregnancy with M. Still, there are so many things I could do that would keep me on my feel that it'll be hard to control the urge to go, go, go (and I don't mean to the bathroom). My brain left a bit more than a week ago and seems to have taken an extended vacation! Seriously! It never came back. That is sometimes a bit embarrassing and very often frustrating.

I also have the usual back pain issues, that often lead to leg and knee pain (knee stuff goes way back) for me, but the bath seems to help a lot with that. Also the hands and knees position (which helps my back but doesn't do much for the knees of course). I have to be on the hands and knees a bit more these days anyway...AND HERE IS WHERE I COULD REALLY USE YOUR PRAYERS...because baby boy is trying desperately to present "occiput posterior". Meaning, his head is down (hallelujah) but he is facing the wrong direction. He should be anterior with his head down and curled up so that all you really feel is his back when you touch my belly. But I have felt knees, legs, and feet a good bit. On the side is o.k., but it seems to be getting worse toward the front even with my efforts (positions, exercises, etc) to convince him to turn back.

I won't give up though and what I'm really praying for is a good report from the midwife at my appt. Wednesday. I'll do what I can do and the rest is up to God. Now this is no tragedy and certainly many baby's have been born this way, but seeing as this will by my first experience at doing this the natural way, I'd really love to avoid the added pain (especially in the back) of pushing baby out in this position. So, pray with me for this if you will.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: We have officially named the boy (no, we are not telling yet), but we had decided on his first name a while back and had a prospective middle name, but neither J nor I were set on the middle yet for various reasons. Now we have solidified it and we are thrilled. So when he begins to alert me to his coming...I'll post it here and you can begin praying for that process...laboring and delivering.