Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Photos!

Click to play Young Family Sept 08
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KLee said...

Those are GREAT! Love the red background. And the purple dress. So sweet! You have some tough decisions to make!

Alyson said...

Such a beautiful family!! I'd love to hear the story behind this shoot, though! I'm surprised M lasted that long through all those shots. What does she keep reaching for?? You and J keep your pose through all of them, though! LOL!

Love picture of you and J! And the one of M and W on their backs with M kissing W. And the purple dress with W in the basket ones! So cute! Oh, and when W was on his tummy... adorable! Please make sure to send Aunt Alyson some of the family and my niece and nephew! :)

Love ya!

Shelby said...

LOVE them! They are great!!! Did you get them done at Portrait Innovations? I can't decide which one I liked the best, cause they are all so good!! You and J sure do produce some beautiful babies! (Although, K and I produced one good looking kid too, although i'm not sure how with my genes involved!! ha ha ha!)

Outnumbered! said...

Those are great! What a beautiful family you have!

W and Js mommy said...

So Great! Love the ones of M&W face to face! YOU LOOK FAB!

kathylove said...