Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest from Mercy

So she is now frequently saying, "I am going to be on my best behavior today. I am going to obey all days, everydays! Anything you say...that's what I'll do."

Hahaha! If only this were actually true. But really, it shows her heart and intentions. How many times do I wake up to a new day and determine with all the vigor I can muster that I am going to obey God all days everydays! ...

This morning she said, "I'm reading my bible, so I can make good choices all the time."

And of course I was immediately pleased and convicted! I said that I was so proud and that she had a great idea. Mommy was going to read MY bible too, so that I could make good choices for my day as well.

What a girl!


kathylovemeyer said...

Way to go, Mercy:)
Even a child shall lead them:)

Shelby said...

I need to be on my best behavior all day, every day too! Why is that so hard for us???!!! Love the stories.. keep them coming!