Friday, September 26, 2008

Creative Discipline

Well, I think maybe I've finally had a break through on my creativity when it comes to consequences for M's misbehaving. I felt like a success yesterday when I came up with an idea after she had acted out at school on the playground. She disobeyed her teacher and then proceeded to have a tantrum and had to be carried back to class. Nice.

"Uh oh! How sad." She was supposed to do a chore to earn her TV time back that she lost at the beginning of the week due to an outburst over bath (in which she deliberately clawed J and left marks on his arm). That privilege was lost and in addition to that, I though maybe lending her teacher one of her favorite things to have over the weekend might be a good idea. She agreed to this and chose her two favorite ponies. We bagged them up but when we tied the bag together, she decided she didnt' want to do that anymore. I then knew not only did the punishment fit the crime, but it hurt a little. This is what I was going for.

We sent a little note to Ms. T saying that she was sorry for having a fit and that she could play with her favorite ponies this weekend, but to please return them to her bag next week. She also wanted me to write "I love you" which I did and thought was really sweet. Ms. T responded with a note in kind...said M was doing super in school and thanks for loaning her the ponies.

This disciplining is not easy mainly cause it seems we are having to do it all day everyday. But I guess we are being extremely consistent right now so that we can move on from this stage and into one where in she knows and understands the boundaries and the discipline is less often necessary.


KLee said...

That is the ultimate time out for the toys. Not only does she not get to play with them, but someone else does! Fabulous idea!!

kathylovemeyer said...

Hang in guys are doing some great parenting...children need constant care and reminders...God knows kids NEED parents:) I know you will soon see the rewards of your consistent discipline...just in time to, most likely, have a new area to "train up" Mercy in:):)

kathylovemeyer said...

You and Jason are doing some great parenting...hang in there:)

God knows that children NEED parents!

You will soon see the rewards of your discipline labor, I'm sure...just in time to have a new "train up" issue with Mercy:)

Keep in mind, Mercy, has been dethroned since baby brother may seem you are working on many discipline issues with Mercy...keep will get better:)

Shelby said...

Wow.. what a great, creative idea! I hope it proves to help... it's not fun or easy discipling.. sometimes I get so tired of doing it! So I guess we can encourage each other through these "phases" and hopefully onto to better stages in the future!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Very creative! And it seems as though it worked.
I agree that punishments/rewards are getting harder b/c the things that used work aren't working anymore. And it is so tiring to be consistent, but it will be worth it later. I hope!
I like the way your aunt put it...T$ and M have been "dethroned." That's a perfect way to describe it all.