Monday, September 29, 2008

Playing Catch up

I barely find time to blog anymore and I find that slightly disheartening...but on my priority list, it just falls short after the millions of other things that gals with multiple children have to do.

We are still dealing with discipline issues with M. She is doing significantly better, or at least we are more relaxed with it all cause we know how to handle it. She had an out burst yesterday after a wonderful day...we understood that because she chose to play instead of nap during quiet time that she was tired by 7pm. (approximate time of outburst). She managed it o.k. In fact, she was on the naughty spot during said event and said that she was just crying and expressing herself...she wasn't being ugly or having a fit. I told her that was acceptable. I mean a girls gotta let that out sometimes.

She started to "express herself" today at a friends house when we were to pick up so that we could go home. Anyone within earshot might have been deafened by her one long ear piercing scream. So I said, "we agreed that if you chose to disobey that we were going home, so it is now time to leave." She answered as you might expect with a NO. Which I wasn't listening to, because I proceeded to gather up our bag and baby and hit the door. You know that wasn't acceptable and she came running and started crying in sincerity. I stopped at the porch door and looked at her and gently repeated my previous statement. I hugged her and she said that she loved me...I love her too. And off we went thanking our host and apologizing for our outburst. Not too bad comparitively. She's learning to take control of her reactions. She was disappointed cause she didn't get a chance to wear the buzz lightyear costume, but I told her not to worry...we'd let her go first next time.

Now she is napping. She played quietly for awhile...I napped. Then when it was the usual time to allow her to come out of her room, I found she had climbed in her bed for a nap. How nice! A quiet house, and I've already napped! W sleeps really well during afternoon nap if he sticks to his usual schedule.

On the W front, he had a cranky spell for a few days. I think he was dealing with a little allergies or a touch of a cold. Today he has been delightful. Even at Jill's house, he slept for morning nap thanks to a bit of my favorite babywearing. Pulled out the old standby (my 6 yds of cotton guaze) and wrapped us up. He was having trouble with all the stimulation till I got the bright idea to pull a piece all the way up to cover his head. then he was out in about 1 minute. After I got M situated in her room for quiet time, he was still up and in a good mood so I didn't try to force him down for a nap. I just spent some one on one face time with him and I was much rewarded! He giggled and giggled! He likes to play little games it seems. Hearing his little giggle is better than any rush or high I could ever imagine!

On my front, I am doing well. I keep a little more to myself than I'm used to...maybe because I'm spent by the end of the day, or maybe because with a growing family I don't get alot of time to myself. I've been sewing a sleeping beauty costume for myself. Really I've just about finished. I had to recreate the thing though, cause I had the skirt already hanging in my closet, so I just needed to make the bodice. But I couldn't find a pattern for it, so I used a snow white pattern with sleeve patterns from another princess pattern. Then I had to attach partial skirt embellishment to it. And on top of that there is the white collar like thing that I have no idea, but am going to work on last. I have a wig too! How fun. I will most likely wear this for halloween, but M thinks I definitely need to be Ariel for halloween. I'm making these costumes in the hopes of one day starting a princess party business...more on that to come.

That is the latest...except to say our lease is up Dec. 1st and we are exploring our options looking for extra space. Buying isn't an option for us right now so, we are just trying to decide whether to stay put or move to something bigger that will inevitably have a higher price tag. We shall see.


kathylovemeyer said...

Wow, Gini, if yall's credit is good this is the BEST time for first home buyers to buy a will have the pick of houses on the market and can just about name the price you want to pay. Their are a whole lot of motivated buyers out there. You might want to check out your options here, if you haven't already.