Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mom went home

Mom went home today and I didn't cry...I thought about it there for a minute when she was savoring her grandchildren one last time. I'm so thrilled to have recovered so quickly and with very little "baby blues". Certainly my hormones have been up and down, but no sobbing in the shower everyday for 2 weeks. I have to say that the Women's Nutritional Tea combined with B-Complex that the midwife suggested for mood stabilizing seems to make a difference. Seriously, whether it is really anything or not, I swear I feel better shortly after drinking a cup. 2-3 cups a day for awhile.

Mom has been such a help, making sure things stay pretty clean around here. Driving me places while I was on restriction. Giving M extra attention so that I could focus on the baby. So many things I couldn't really begin to list them all. Still, we will all miss her around here. M will miss waking her up and playing with her. J will miss being spoiled while she is around, and I will miss the sleep and companionship that she gives me. I'm am more than thrilled that she and dad will be together again and that she will have an opportunity to rest! We all need that.

Baby boy is asleep for now, M is at least in bed. They have both had baths, and I guess it is now my turn! I'm gonna go grab that while I can and then feed him and off to bed for us both. Pray for a good night!