Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Full Day

Well, I pulled a full day all by myself. It's not over yet mind you, but I'm so tired I should be sleeping. May get a quick shower here in a bit though before the night feeding.

This morning I got up and fed W. Then got M up and going. Put W in the swing long enough to hop in the shower. Got some semblance of an outfit on and put one on M. Scarfed down a slice of banana nut bread and a bottle of water and vitamins. I already had M's lunch and bags packed...I made her some bacon and her milk (about all I can get her to eat for b'fast these days), and got us all out the door by 8:30 to get M to summer camp by 9.

We made it there on fumes. I lug both children in, talk to M's teacher a minute, lug w back out (p.s. I hate carrying that car seat carrier!), and trek back to the house to finish getting ready for the dentist. I'm in desperate need of gas so I stop at the nearest spinx only to get out and discover that my wallet and entire purse are at home, so I pray us home to get the silly thing.

We make it home, I have just enough time to put on makeup and straighten my hair amidst my screaming child in the swing. I feed him, throw an extra bottle together and his bag and race out the door (with my purse!). We run to the spinx, put in half a tank and make it through the construction to Suzette's. I have very basic instructions for her, and then head to the dentist.

I waited longer than I thought I would, but the cleaning was quick...thorough, but quick. So now I have been to the dentist...since I hadn't been in like 8 years! I grabbed a bite of lunch, then back to get W and pick up M from summer camp. W had been asleep since at least 12pm. and stayed asleep till I could feed him after I put m down for a nap. No big fights about it today which was good. I woke him up enough to feed and he fell asleep again! He didn't want to sleep in his bassinet though which frustrates me, so I let him sleep on me. I didn't get much rest, but at least it was quiet in my house for awhile.

Then M is up again and wanting me to put baby brother down and come play in her room! she has trouble with this newborn requiring constant attention. we did our best to play play doh after feeding. Then we waited for our food that was being brought (thank you Jana) and I made a quick batch of fried okra from our garden. And we had supper. then fed the boy...again...and then tried to keep him up so that he'll sleep some tonight. But he was not having it...he really wanted to be asleep. And that's where he is now. I put the food up, need to do the dishes and laundry, but am too tired. I think I'm gonna jump in the shower before I have to feed W again. May help hubs make an apple pie with the apples from our tree!

Worked on the slings in my 20 minutes of spare time yesterday...would do that today but I'm pooped! Hopefully when M is in summer camp tomorrow and W is taking one of his many naps, I'll be able to finish them up! I'll let you know, itsamomthing. They are coming right along actually. Can't wait, but really I can.


It's a Mom Thing said...

whew...i'm pooped just reading through your day. maybe you should just rest tomorrow.

those feedings are tiring enough for anyone. it seems like hardly any time has passed and it is time to feed them again.

can't wait for the slings...but don't wear yourself out.

W and Js mommy said...

I had to take a nap in between finishing that post! hehe I have a frozen casserole to bring to you! I just can't seem to get my act together to get out of the house with it or something comes up in between me thinking about the fact that I have it for you!
I agree I feel like this KID is draining me of the milk and energy! trying to stay busy before I return to work....I'll call you so I can swing by. Maybe we can get a pic of the boys! Love ya