Friday, September 29, 2006


Since the hurricane I have lost my sense of home. I think I may have blogged about this before. I have thought alot about my safe place, my sense of home over the last couple of weeks. All I can come up with is that home is where you feel safe. I don't know why I feel safe wherever my family of origin is, but it is true. When I go to Greenville, I always just want to stay there. Not without my own family of course. I couldn't live well without them, but the truth is that right now I'm not living well with them. I balled my eyes out off and on for 2 hours today and my husband never sees that. How could he...he's busy at work and then by the time he gets home, I usually feel a bit better, both cause he's finally home and also cause someone can help take the load off with my Mercy responsibilities. I need his help, but he doesn't seem to see the extent of my need. I think I'm going to try to communicate it all more clearly this weekend. Wish me luck.