Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mystery Solved

Mercy's been battling the stomach flu for what seemed to be about 10 days. Finally, we went to the doctor and did the lovely sample. I haven't heard anything back from them, but in brushing Mercy's teeth tonight I felt just a bit of her back left molar that had begun to poke through. Well that explains why she woke up last night in the middle of the night with a bad diaper and then again this morning! So much for that long night's sleep I tried to get by going to bed at 9:30pm. Oh well, such is motherhood.

My day pretty much revolved around all that. I went to the doctor twice...once with Mercy, then once again with Mercy and her dirty diapers. We proceeded to the mall nearby so she could run around and get worn out, but it may have been unnecessary since she seemed pretty tired most of the day. She had a super long morning nap and at least an hour for the afternoon. It wasn't even hard to get her to sleep tonight.

Suspecting that she might have been reinfecting herself I managed to clorox most everything. I'm only one person so there are some things that I didn't get to, but all the cleanliness should help her get better, then maybe I'll have a chance to get my life in some kind of order.

I do have a counseling session scheduled finally for next Tuesday. They talked of fitting me in tomorrow which sounded great, but I really didn't know what the situation would hold as far as Mercy's tummy and all. I need it bad. This depression can actually be numbing physically. Sometimes all I can do is just sit there frozen, "in the zone". It's really weird actually, cold, tingly and it feels fuzzy and full. If you can keep you mind and your eyes "awake" you can pull yourself out of it. Something I suppose I'll talk to the counselor about. It may have something to do with extreme stress--coping mechanism and such, sort of a way for you to shut down for awhile. Of course, if Mercy cried out in the midst of it, I'll bet that would work too.


Meredith Peel said...

What a big girl - cutting her molars! Good luck with counseling, depression is so rough. Love you.