Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better Day

Today was better. Thankfully we only had 2 episodes with Mercy today. She seemed to be in a wonderful mood. She slept in till 8am and then skipped her morning nap. So we went to Kids Market. That was delightful!

Nothing like a little retail therapy...But truly, at least I wasn't weepy all day. I'm sort of down that I won't be getting the day off tomorrow with Mother's Day Out, but Mercy has to be 24 hours free of symptoms and she hasn't been. I'll have to try to clean around her.

Way too tired to still be up, so I'll be going to bed early like a "good mom".

Here's a pic of Mercy's first swing experience at the park. Funny that I actually caught a pic of her not smiling. She had the time of her life!


Lacey said...

She is so precious! What a cutey! Swinging is Katie's favorite thing to do!