Saturday, September 23, 2006

College Football

How many of you HATE college football? I think I do. I used to enjoy it, and honestly in its own right, I enjoy it, but once I got merried it quickly became a sworn enemy! Last week Jason and I had an argument about his watching it...not because I complained about his watching it. Believe it or not he was trying to vent his frustration about "interruptions" during his watching the game. I took a nap during part of the game which meant that he had to keep tabs on Mercy. Apparently, this bothered him...she was an interruption in his game. Well, that ticks me off! What am I supposed to do...evacuate Mercy and myself for all the many hours on Saturdays and Sundays? No way! Anyway, that is my soapbox.

It just comes up again today because I haven't seen my husband all day. He had an agenda that I knew little about, and he's off doing those things. Right now it's football and food with his brother. I'm not mad or anything...I love that he gets out, cause we all need that, I just feel jipped. We don't get to see him much, not to mention that with just me, it is hard to get things done, so when the weekend rolls around, I like to make the most of our double manpower. Hmmm. Maybe I have my own expectations, but I don't think they are that unreasonable, I just think that there needs to be more and better communication about the details of our lives. Sorry world, sometimes us wives and mothers just need to vent.


Jason said...

College football is only on Saturdays. Not Sundays too. That is the NFL. And we all know how much I can't stand NFL football.