Sunday, September 24, 2006

Snap, Crackle, Pop

No, this post is not about Rice Crispies. I pulled out my laptop this morning to check my email really quick and found a story about RECORDS and PLAYERS on my home page. The irony here is that my sister and I were just discussing the qualities that we enjoyed from our record listening experiences as a child.

In reading the Tightwad Gazette recently, I was reminded of the benefits of the record player, and there was an inkling in my head that I should look for a record player at the garage sales. Well I didn't look for one. ITunes makes buying music cheap and enjoyable too. However, Meredith and I were reminiscing about our days in ballet and the lovely use of the Record Player. The pops and cracks have this lovely kind of nostalgia. The kind of memories that consist of the very reasons that I fell in love with music as it is.

All that said, I think I would like to have a Record Player again. Maybe for Christmas. I don't know where I would put it and I'm pretty sure Jason will think that I'm nuts, but I think I'd like to have one. I didn't know they were making a come back or anything, but that is what the article was saying. That fact alone may put a damper on my getting one. You know how supply and demand goes. Oh well, if it can be found reasonably priced, hopefully I will aquire this new collection soon. I think Mercy would like it as well.