Friday, September 22, 2006

Trading Spaces with Myself

Wish I had something more interesting and story-like to blog about, but alas, being a mom at home doesn't give me much control over the interesting things that can happen in a day.

I'm gearing up. Jason and I decided that we just aren't ready for the whole house jump yet, and everyday affirms that decision more and more. So, I'm gearing up to make this place our home.

I know we probably won't be here forever, but some small touches can really do the trick. I figure we'll go about it in a very organized fashion, starting with the necessary "renew"vations. We'll work from a budget (imagine that) and then whatever doesn't fit will have to wait till we have extra monies to work with. I think that definately means that we will be painting first.

I'm going to attempt to simply upholstery clean Mercy's rocking chair. I was going to recover it, but it kept getting moved around, so I've decided that in her room, it's own color fits great. That means I've got to clean it. It is sooo dirty!

I've picked the colors for the living room and kitchen (same), and the dining room and foyer (same), but the bathrooms are a mystery. I've decided what to do with the walls in the basement, but not the ceiling. Dehumidifiers are absolutely necessary, and I'd love a fireplace, but that certainly isn't a necessity. (Still waiting on the maintenance to come and deal with the moisture issue.)

As far as the upstairs is concerned I think the upstairs baths need some doing, but just a simple reorganization will do in our bedroom.

Mercy's room is pretty cute. Sure the walls in there are a boring color, but everything else is Paris Pink Poodles. I guess all it really needs is curtains.

Mostly paint should do the trick! That saves a lot of money in major renovations. There are a few things else, but only just the few and those will have to go on the priority list. Can't wait to get started! How about I post some before and after pics as I go along in my projects?!


Jason said...

Ever notice I look Chinese when I smile? I have slits for eyes.

- -