Sunday, September 17, 2006

Being a Mom is Gross

OK. so don't go off on me till you've read the blog. Today, Mercy and I were on a way home from viewing a house and playing in the park. Thankfully, we were turning into our subdivision when it sounded as if she were choking or gagging or something. Now as far as I knew all she had on her was her passy, so I just figured she was just choking on her own spit. Maybe she got ahold of an old goldfish in or around her carseat, I don't know, but all of a sudden she started throwing up. No big deal. It was just a little bit to clear her passage I guess, but apparently that got her to going and she through up 2 or 3 more times. I quickly turned into the very next parking area, threw the car in park and raced around to her, catching my hip on some jagged part of the car on my way around. As I got her out she threw up the final time, nearly missing me and getting the door of the car and the asphalt. I barely packed a bag for her, but I did have a mexican blanket in the trunk. I layed it out on the sidewalk, grabbed a new diaper, stripped mercy down and used the Feltmann bros. dress she was wearing and had already soiled to wipe her off. We put on a new diaper and used her wipes to wipe both her and I off. I then grabbed the stroller out of the trunk, locked her in it on the sidewalk, actually parked the car, cracked the windows because of the smell, locked it, and strolled the rest of the way home. There was no one to help us, so we helped ourselves.

I couldn't have put her in the car seat that was drowning in dinner, so we strolled home and headed straight for the bath. Jason was still out with his brother, so us girls tried to clean up. Amazingly, water, baby soap, and even antibacterial soap haven't totally gotten rid of the curdled peach yogurt smell entirely. I can't even imagine about the car, but I haven't gotten that far. Just in case, I've got the monitor on Mercy tonight. She seemed fine after it was all said and done, but in the event of a stomach virus, I'd like to be prepared.

I do have a sizable, many colored bruise on my hip, and I need a shower, but I'm waiting on Jason to get back with the car which he supposedly took to get cleaned...and here he is. gotta go help.


Meredith Peel said...

wow that is gross