Friday, September 08, 2006

Reginelli's Pizza! Ooo, I Wanna Eatcha!

Ok. So all this is is a simple shout out for the best pizza ever. I had a hankering for pizza last night, so we went to California Pizza Kitchen. Now that's really good, don't get me wrong. But I had to put together my own pizza from various items I knew they had so that I could have the pizza I really wanted--which was from Reginelli's! I've never had pizza like theirs, and last night's pizza was good, but not quite what I wanted. I had this lovely cheese Neopolitan pizza to which I added kalamata olives and roasted peppers. They had a greek pizza, but it had cold, salad toppings. I wanted a hot pizza. What I really wanted, I can't remember, but I know it had kalamata olives, red peppers and garlic, roasted, and possibly spinach and/or sun dried tomatos! So this is just a shout out to say, "Reginelli's pizza, I miss you!" Hope that the family faired well through the storm and was able to rebuild. If they need to relocate, please come to Birmingham!
That's enough of this silly soapbox. I must go be a productive human being today.