Sunday, October 01, 2006


My husband is a doll. I've been drowning in this depression for a good little while and he really didn't see. I don't know if it was because he was self consumed or because I really didn't want to bother him with it--you know bring him down in the process, but God really knit us together in an amazing way. I asked you guys to wish me luck as I was going to try to bring it all home for him about how awful and bad off I really was. I didn't have to try really hard. He understood and he told me how valuable I was to him. In more ways than one, he made it clear that he truly loved me and didn't ever want to even think about living without me. You have no idea how long it had been since I felt truly valuable to him--deeply cherished and loved. Ironically, he told me that next day that he felt like we were honeymooners again (newlyweds, I think), that we were doing something crazy together and I was being lovey again. That's when I told him that he made me feel valuable. I truly knew that he loved me and that made me feel a little more like myself, a little more "lovey." Truly, while I'm away I've missed him more than usual. I want to be near him and experience this 2nd honeymoon phase. I love him in so many different ways that I can't wait to get back home. But that'll be a while. See you soon, love, and do great on your next test!