Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Everyone should have a sister. More so, every girl should have a sister. I know some of you don't have a biological sister, but then there are those other women in your life that might as well be your sisters. Those count too. I picked this topic for many reasons. The most important reason is that it is my sister in law, Shelby's birthday! Happy Birthday Sis! Some people's in laws are not their favorite, but this is not so in my life. God blessed me with the opportunity to get to know Shelby by making her my neighbor for 6 months and on top of that we are figuring out this new motherhood thing together. Our kids, the cousins, are only 3 months apart. She's a sister, and a friend and so I pay tribute to her on her special day! Everybody check out her blog at She really takes awesome pics!

Then there's my meredith. She can really light up a room. Things aren't all peachy for her right now, but that's ok. That's kinda part of life. Still, listening to her process and learn reminds me that I ought to be doing the same. I always enjoy spending time with her, even though sometimes I just can't find the right words...that's when singing Indigo Girls always wins out. We make a great pair musically!

I've got a few others that I consider sisters...There is my sister in law Connie. I feel like we are on a different plane simply because of our age difference, but most of the time that doesn't matter. I always enjoy spending time with her. She's positive and encouraging and beautiful inside and out.

Alyson, whom I've blogged about on numerous occasions has made as big an impact on my life as any! I miss having her closer, but I'm always excited about what God is doing in and around her! She is a breath of fresh air!

Lacey, whome I may or may not have blogged about is a surprise sister. I never thought that she would be one of the few that I kept up with over the years! I'm not really good at keeping up with anyone! But she never let me go. Through many, many, many moves she's found me, tracked me down, kept me in contact. She is a true friend and one I really need and love right now.

Thanks to all my family and pseudo-family. With your help I'm pulling through.


Lacey said...

i love you too, gini. hope you are well, would love to talk to you soon! sorry we didn't get to come see you last weekend. i am still kind of bummed! love you.