Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mac Finally Died

Well, our beloved Mac finally died. We've had it for three years and its been through the ringer and back. A new computer has been a long time coming in our household. So, for now I am using Jason's work computer in the evening when he brings it home. That's all I get, so I won't be as consistent in returning emails and/or blogging

We had a memorable and wonderful weekend as a family! We did the pumpkin patch thing and a lot of relaxing, cooking, ice cream getaways and such! Mercy won't remember it in the long run, but it was cathartic for Jason and I. I'll post pics eventually due to the new computer arrangement. We are going to wait a few weeks to replace it.

For all of you wondering how I'm doing. Much better. Alot of talking and real communicating going on in our house, not to mention the meds. I'm not nauseous anymore, so that has subsided. Still alot of work to be done, but I'm aware of that. That's the best update I can give...Mercy has an ear infection and we are going to the Dr. tomorrow to make sure it's really gone. I'm not so sure. We may be up for round two of antibiotics. She's still digging in her ears, but she is in a much better mood. I'll take the better mood Mercy anyday. Of course she is cutting two more molars!!! Ah...motherhood.