Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Circling the Wagons

There is a poignant image that for whatever reason just came to mind and became our motto of sorts during Katrina. We--as a family--were basically like settlers going out together into uncharted territory. We needed to "circle the wagons" together if any of us were going to have the best chance at survival not to mention thriving.

Well, surviving is all I have been doing...all I'm still doing. I did not make it through today without crying. In fact, I had tons of help with Mercy today and found myself alone in the car with my own choice of music and volume. And, though I loved it in so many ways, I found myself still feeling so overwhelmed. About what in particular, I have no idea. I was thinking tonight about why it is that I am so depressed. I feel no need to be, I know I'm blessed and though I've been through an amazing amount of stress...I've done that before too. I don't know honestly. That counselors appt. I was going to today was rearranged, so it didn't happen. I will make sure something happens soon though. It's the only way I can make through all that is coming up in our lives.

Today we circled the wagons again and caravanned our way from AU to South Carolina. That was a little overwhelming for me cause I have nearly no energy as it is and Mercy sleeping in my room for the past 3 nights has led to very little sleep. But, I am here at my parents house and there is a sense that rest is coming. I am weepy...most of the afternoon and evening actually, but ambien is calling so I should sleep like a rock hopefully. There's always the hope that tomorrow will be better...something to look forward to.