Friday, October 13, 2006

Calling it Now

I'm calling it now. I think Miss Mercy is working on an ear infection! I gave her a decongestant to see if that will help. There is definately fluid in her ear. Left one. We'll see, and I sure hope I'm wrong, cause that is miserable. That said, today was pretty good. She has been slightly fussy off and on and hasn't taken much for naps, but I got a shower and dried my hair, and that's something. We went out to eat and took our time. I thought of it like when my mom used to take me to lunch in New Orleans. No rush, just being together. Then we went to the zoo and saw the monkeys and the elephants. She started throwing a fit at the cheetahs so we packed it up and went home. She fell asleep on the way. Didn't sleep more than an hour though. When she woke, she was fussy and digging in that ear, so we took some medicine and rocked for awhile. Now she is in her bed wanting out, so I'd better go tend to her. Don't want her to get too fussy. Wish me luck!