Monday, October 02, 2006

Cleaning Out an Office

I'm helping someone clean out there office. I've never done this before, but we chose to go at night to avoid confrontation and in essence save a great deal of time and energy, and to have peace and quiet for speed and concentration. I'm actually out without Mercy which makes this little venture twice as exciting. So I feel like I'm in some movie where we are sneaking in at night trying to find some file we're not supposed to have, you know. So many movies have that same scene. Hopefully for our sake no one will interrupt and it will feel like a successful venture. Really though, we are just cleaning out an office of a no longer employee that hated the job as it were. This should be sort of a celebration and I asked this person if they wanted their picture taken so that this could be remembered, but they declined politely. Oh well. Everyone knows an end is almost always a beginning, and I thought it might be nice to document it, but alas...our memories will have to do.

Actually, my belly is stuffed and my eyes are heavy. I'm blogging whilst the other is organizing files or something. I hope to go home and get ready for bed so that I can just crawl into it. The last two nights have not been great. Mercy has chosen on both occasions to have difficulty really going to sleep. Thus, both nights she has thrown a royal fit--hysterical crying and breathing. Nothing you do helps, so that she just tuckers herself out. Amazing huh?! So of course, I'm more than tired. I'm praying tonight is better. I sense that she knows her daddy is not nearby and that she knows there is tension and unrest with the rest of us. Not sleeping isn't helping any of us, and we all have a long caravan ride to Greenville, SC tomorrow.

On a way cooler note, WE SOLD OUR VAN TODAY! Finally after nearly a month or more of trying, we sold our van. Now we have one less debt and one less payment per month! That really takes a huge financial load off. I still have to try to remember to pay Touro for Mercy's birth. That is the one thing that I forgot today. Then we will have no debt other than our SBA disaster release loan at 2.6% over 30 years, so we will be in a very healthy financial situation. Woohoo! One less hurdle for such an exhausted person to jump.

Emotional update: Still very blah. Not much feeling going on. I sense that sheer exhaustion has overridden every other emotion. I haven't cried least not yet and that's something. It's been a long while since I've had a tear free day. Yippee!