Monday, April 21, 2008

The Stuff of Today

I've gotten back into the Tightwad Gazette. There are a hundred and one things in there and with my limited memory I have to revisit it. We are in a crunch this month simply cause too many expensive things fell in one month. A little more planning certainly would have helped but some of it just couldn't be avoided. So, we absent--mindedly closed our eyes and prayed that we'd make it to the end of the month so that we could revisit our budget for the next month. Now we are rolling on fumes for the remainder of the month and even have a beach trip planned.

Lucky for us vacation to me and hubs means sleeping alot and taking baths and enjoying the silence that is typically hard to come by. We'll enjoy God's creation as well since we'll be at the beach and all. I suppose we'll bring our own food since we are on budget restriction. That'll take annoying extra planning but will certainly be worth it in the end.

Today I'm excited to announce that I got a lot of things done on my to do list! I did feel a little frustrated that many of the chores left me stuck in the house when it was quite a nice day outside. Thankfully, my parents came in town and felt like taking M outside to play. I managed to actually do every dish in the house (mind you I have no dishwasher). I did a good deal of laundry, unfortunately it has to be put up now! I'm quite certain I would have finished the laundry entirely except to find out that something is up with the washer--boo--and it is leaking a bit of water (nothing huge--yet).

I made dinner...tacos, refried beans, spanish rice, tea, and made from scratch chocolate chip cookies! AND almost all of the ingredients minus the tea, splenda, meat, cheese, and sugar came from the box sale. I got the taco shells, refried beans, spanish rice, chocolate chips, the $6 box sale! So lets just say that the entire dinner was CHEAP! And there are tons of cookies leftover and tortillas for chicken enchiladas another day! Hallelujah!

I collected the things of M's that were scattered around the house and was amazed at how many things there actually were, and dumped them in her room intending to tackle that cleaning project another day, but hey, why not now. So her room is almost clean except for hanging up a few things.

Tomorrow I'm excited to say that hopefully baby boy will have some semblance of a room. Mom says she's at my disposal for getting that ready and you know I'm anxious! Ready to get my nest in order. So, hopefully I actually have something to report tomorrow!

Still amazed at ALDI prices on milk and other things. Because money is tight right this minute I opted for the frozen juice instead of in the plastic containers. I found 100% apple juice that reconstitutes to 64 oz (the normal size of the plastic containers) for a mere 89 cents. yahoo! so we got two and one milk at $2.85 Love ALDI...or should I saw I re-love it! ha!