Monday, April 28, 2008

Captian Poo's

Seriously, very close to our condo was this sign and restaurant/bar "Captain Poo's". Uh...what do you do with that?! I wish I had a pic. I wanted to get one of hubs by the sign but he chickened out at the last minute!

Our mini-vacation was nice. We have our word of mouth ways of finding very inexpensive if not free ways of taking regular getaways with eachother. God has always provided us these small luxuries so that J and I can keep up our relationship.

M is with her Nani and Pop and is having such a good time that she doesn't want to speak with me on the phone for fear that she will have to come home! Ha! Fun to see vacation through your childs eyes even when you aren't with them. We saw things that we new she would have loved! We saw an alligator the one night we went out to eat. We saw numerous rather large jelly fish on the beach! We picked up sea shells and some sand for her (she's never even been to the beach!). One night there was a green tree frog hangin out at our front door! We knew she'd love that too! J even found a shark tooth in our scavenging for sea shells!

Mostly we just relaxed! I made J wait on me more than usual. Though I cooked a bit, I didn't do dishes. He made us a candlelight dessert on the screened in porch on night. We took naps everyday--long ones! we tried to sleep later than usual and had some success with that the second day. We day dreamed about the fantastic beach houses! Ones you only see in movies and such!

It was relaxing. J even did all the driving which is good with me being oh so pregnant. I know that was hard on him, so I'm extra appreciative. We are still enjoying a bit of vacation even though we're back in town and he's at work during the day. M is still with her Nani and Pop in North Carolina, so it is much quieter around here and there are no demands as far as schedule and time. I've done a whole lot of reading and not much else today. I'm bout to finish getting ready for the day (note that it is already 3pm) and then run to the bank and pick up a very few groceries to get us by till the end of the month!

Tomorrow is J's b-day but we have birthing class so our celebration will likely be Thursday or thereafter. Can't wait to tell you about all those surprises!


kathylove said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, so glad you and jason got some time away with each other. The BEST gift you can give your children is too love each other! And for mercy to be at her gparents house...this is so great for her and for them:) That's a voice of experience talking:)

Can hardly wait to hear about the surprises:)