Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So many things...

There are so many things to blog about today so I will hit them all. In a weird way they don't any of them go together, but yet they are all part of my random day, so here goes...

Love having deep meaningful conversations. they are much harder to come by in these days of stay-at-homeness. But my SIL is good at continuing to engage me in adult conversation. We talked of healing and prayer and whether or not our earnestness, relationship, prayer, etc actually plays in the effects of prayer or God's decisions. Of course, we aren't pretending to know the answers to these questions, but it was sort of a tennis game of questions and possibilities backed with scriptures. See our friend Monica is in the hospital. We don't like to talk about the end result of this battle she is having with stage 4 lung cancer, because we dont' want to go there and because we don't want to put limitations on God's awesome power. But it does leave us with lots of questions.

On another notewe saw a fashion show this a.m. Haha. it was cute and slightly amusing as I am pregnant and I will be nursing for a good year more post birth. But I was also reminded by another pregnant friend not to succomb to the nursing frump. No need for all that nursing wear if you can call it that. too many layers, too much bulk, not attractive unless you buy the really expensive brands and immediately fit back into you pre-pregnancy sizes (which they seem to assume were rather small and sexy to begin with). I had a good laugh with that. Nursing is not the most attractive time in a womans life especially if she was already bigger to begin with (interpret that as ye may!).

I recieved a baby gift today! Diapers and wipes. I'm 10 weeks from my due date and this is the very first of any diapers that I have for baby boy. I'm so far behind what I was this time into M's pregnancy! Still I found the coordinating fabric to the already picked out theme fabric for his bedding, so I'm about ready to cut out and get busy sewing. I'm a little nervous about making my own piping but my mom swears she's got it down pat I suppose I'll learn something new.

We picked up the $25 rocker that I got on craigslist. It's not exactly as it seemed in the pic, but it was a small pic, so its sometimes hard to tell. It is in really good condition and is very clean, but the fabric is old and dated, so it will have to be recovered! another project. oh well, I intend to tackle it quickly so as not to frustrate my nesting instincts or my hubs preferences for things of particular beauty.

I worked sub childcare at my SIL's church and they didn't actually need me so I got paid to sit around and jabber with her for a while and had a break from general responsibility (including Mercy). I am very thankful to have her friendship even though we are family. So many different points in our lives so far have intertwined and we have benefited from eachother. I don't have that one special friend that we've been praying for and she too prays for that same type of thing, but we do have eachother and for that I think we are both thankful.

Lastly, these Wednesday nights subbing in childcare have left Daddy and Daughter Date nights fantastically available. These are turning out to be such a joy for everyone. There date food is usually Moes which is very near our house. She loves it and so does he so it works out. Then this night, he decided to treat her to an actual manicure at a nail salon in the same shopping center. She wowed everyone in there with her wit and charm (and verbal skills cause boy is she a talker) and daddy was overjoyed with her excitement about her $5 pink manicure with designs and sparkles! Good idea dad. And I told him that next week he could take her for her toes! haha. seriously good way to spend $5 on a little girl!

Can't have our yard sale again as we had hoped cause the weather is very uncooperative, but mom took all the yard sale stuff to her house to put in the garage till weather and travel permit an actual sale (gotta go before the babe comes!). Hallelujah! It feels like we might be getting our house back. We have NO storage (this is not an exaggeration), so it was all just hanging out in ugly piles here there and everywhere. Literally 3 closets in the entire house. Each are small, one is in our room and is only mine (and the vaccuum, gift things, some storage, guitar...) one in the "hall" which is J's and all his sporting good storage, and one in M's room (normal closet with a bit of her extra storage things). No linen closet, no laundry closet, no pantry, no broom closet. There is an attic, it's huge if you can fit anything into my closet and through the opening. Which we have not had any success with thus far. Ha ha. so we are reclaiming our house from the clutter.

Every step is a step closer to a more contented relaxed environment! That is my so many random things. Theological discussions, rocking chairs, fighting the nursing frump, daddy daughter nights...It's whats going on!


It's a Mom Thing said...

So hard to think about Monica. I tend to detach from my feelings when I read her posts. I do gain strength from her positive outlook and steadfast faith.

Love that J took M to get a manicure. That sounds like a great "treat" for T$ once the baby gets here. She loves for me to paint her nails so I know she would really think she was something special to get a "real" manicure.

Oh, the nesting and decluttering. I feel like I have 100 projects to do in the next 5(or less) weeks but I'm so tired at night to do anything. I hope your sewing adventures go well. I'm sure it will turn out very cute!

Lastly, the fashion show! Too funny! You could totally get away with those fun looks. People would look at my and say "POSER." But at $75 or more per piece, I'll stick with Target. I read that Fight the Frump post, too. Hilarious. I figure nursing is for a season, so whatever. I"ll buy a few good nursing bras and keep wearing my t-shirts. I think I'll be more relaxed about the nursing thing this time around.

Shelby said...

I too, enjoyed our "deep theological discussion" with you today, even though we still don't really have any answers. It spurs me to keep on praying, though, that is for sure. God is the God of miracles, and that is what I am praying for Monica.

I also loved the fact that our deep theological discussion was interrupted several times from Mercy commanding Stone to do something in which he didn't want to do so he responded with, "No! No! No! No! No! No!" and etc. That was hysterical!

On other notes, loved the fashion show too, particularly when one of our friends asked the question that I was dying to, "What about people who aren't Brenda nor Allison's size? What can they do?" To which the lady really didn't have a great answer. She did have some great tips on accessorizing, but the clothes.. no way would someone my size look good in the cute clothes they were wearing!! Ha! Had to make me laugh though.

Love you.. love that we are friends, regardless of the fact that we are family!! Who'd ever thought that 1) We'd actually get to live near each other 2) get to raise our kids together and most importantly, 3) becomes such good friends? I am THANKFUL for you!!

w & j's mommy said...

HAHA he nursing blogpost made me cry with laughter--not sure why I thought it was that funny...maybe its cause I'm kinda getting scared and nervous and FREAKING Out if you will about being the mom of 2, and basically starting all over again! GEESH!