Saturday, April 05, 2008

just us girls

Feel like its been just us girls and the boy in my womb for way too long. Let me tell you, preggo women in their third trimester need others! Well, I mean I am talking about a grown woman and a little girl who are both extremely extroverted and social! Me and M have really been having a great deal of bonding time which I will treasure my whole life most likely (and I'm glad to be getting it as baby boy is coming close to being a huge new part of life). However, it's sure been a while since I even had the mental break that hubs was coming home at some point to help out. We chose to go on our last hoorah, so I certainly can't complain. But I will say that eating, sleeping, and breathing with M, though delightful, is quite tiring! Luckily, with the whole visit to Minnah I know I always have a helping hand cause she is soooo great with kids!

Now, J is out of town for a little boy fun and "class" (gun play as he says). It's sort of his last manley hoorah before baby boy gets his name! ha! I'm thrilled that he gets to go and I know he's having a ball, in fact tonight it a night shooting course, so he is still going. However, M and I got home late Monday night, Tuesday night was birthing class, so no real quality family time, Wednesday nite I worked childcare at SIL's church, Thursday night J got stuck at work till 10pm and Friday morn he was gone on his trip and won't be back till monday midday or so. ugh.

I can't really complain. I do have it good. THank goodness I have the love of my life to miss you know...Thank goodness we have family to take trips to go visit. Thank goodness I have little miss M to spoil. And excess money to spend in said situations. I suppose I'm just feeling pregnant, bored, lonely, whatever...pregnant! ha!

It's not like I don't have an atrocious mess here at my house from leaving my hubs alone here from 5 days to having a 2 yr old all by myself for several more days! I've got massive cleaning to do, and no motivation, and no help. Fun times. Tomorrow will be devoted to cleaning, and hopefully picking up a sit and stand stroller from craigslister! I really hope this works out. it'd be perfect and inexpensive! Getting ready for final yard sale which I hope to hold next weekend if all gets pulled together and weather permits. I'm ready to get this junk out of my house!

On an amusing note, M asked me if my belly was getting bigger tonight! I said probably, what did she think? She said, Yeah, I think so! Ha ha. She also told someone a few days ago that her baby brother was running out of room! I couldn't agree more!


kathylovemeyer said...

Kids do say the cutiest things!
love you and praying for you, auntkathylove

It's a Mom Thing said...

Totally saw that stroller on craigslist and for a GREAT price. I hope it works out for'll definitely have to keep me posted on it. I just haven't decided what to do in the stroller situation. Right now I think I'm going to get a nice sling and see how that works out. T$ has been a little possessive about "her" stroller lately. But I would love to know what you think about driving the Tandem.