Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not According to Plan

This is going to be one of those posts that I am sure I will hate tomorrow, but here is the deal...things did not go according to my plan today! I laugh at myself even as I type that cause Who's plan is it really anyway.

Yeah I know. But here goes. The one day M is sound asleep and not waking up early, I have to wake her up early to get her ready for school quickly so that we can have b'fast with daddy before he goes out of town. We still run late, so she is at school late. I'm way behind on getting ready for the amazingly overscheduled day ahead. I finally shower but don't really get to fix my hair. ugh. I'm thinking I'll get the chance later but never really do.

I rush out the door to get J to work to meet his ride to the airport, something I hadn't planned on doing which threw kind of a wrench in one of my later plans (a birthday surprise for him). Then realized I would need some kind of lunch snack to get me through my facial that was scheduled at noon till about 1:30. Then I'm in a mad rush to get home, pack up a bunch of things for the surprise--my hair is a mess now cause of the way she did the facial. The facial was nice, but not very relaxing really cause the gal talked the entire time, left the light on bright, no music...It was her first day back after like 4 weeks. At least it was good conversation, but I think I could really have used relaxation more at this point.

So I'm packing up stuff to go to the surprise and can't find much of what I need (never can when you are in a hurry). My mom came to help and thank goodness she did cause M was in a bit of a wild mood and was pretty hard to keep up with. In the end, I was a bit disappointed with both the decision that I had to make ALONE (not good at this anyway), I wasn't as thrilled with some of the product or the price. I may just be being hard on the whole thing cause I'm pregnant.

Then off to dinner where in my bro reports that he's been laid off! what! geez! AND my mom is obviously equally tired and none to thrilled about watching M any longer. I scarf down dinner in the midst of trying to maintain some semblance of order with my 2 year old. Mom and dad SURPRISE head back out of town cause they have to be back...wasn't expecting that.

At this point I am physically and emotionally worn out and have no relief cause I know that I'm am going it alone cause J is out of town for the next 4 days AGAIN. I'm on the verge of tears due to exhaustion, fatigue, pregnancy, loneliness, you name it. Get M to cooperate long enough to head for the shower/bath together, and do the bed time routine. Put her to bed (taking me far too long really), and realizing that one blankie may have been left at the mall and that I forgot to brush her teeth. Now it is 9pm and I'm too tired to dry my own hair before I go to bed.

That is just too much for a gal this pregnant! Thankfully I had the help that I did. Anticipation does sometimes let you down though. Things can't always be as we would like. Hopefully in the end it'll all work out perfectly!

I need a break. So, night night.


w & j's mommy said...

Did you just copy a page out of my LIFE??? Life is crazy sometimes isn't it?? In this new bible study I am doing it is really challenging me to stop and really pray....really seek HIS face and really know the HE wants me to seek him ...even when your hair is wet...your family seems out of whack and your kid is NUTZ! SO my friend..I bet you are already fast asleep as I type this...but I am praying that in the morning as you will find the GOD things in your previous day!
love you

kathylove said...

Oh, Gini, what a day you had and yes, anticipation can let one down sometimes. I am praying that Jesus is the "lifter of your head" Psalm 3:3
Love you, precious one, auntkathylove

Susan Ingram said...

Hey sweet girl.... I have spent an hour this morning reading everyone's blogs and have loved it... I'm just glad it's you that is at this stage in life -- I know you go to bed everynigh exhausted!! Hey - where is the slide show of pictures from the weekend with Meredith? I'm looking... Love you all.. Aunt Susan