Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saving Money

It's stocking up time again for us. We aren't picky about shampoo around here...I mean not too picky. We don't use prell cause I've felt softer brooms than my hair after using it. We don't use Pantene cause my hair looks and feels fantastic after the first use and then proceeds to looking like a wet noodle. But besides those two, we aren't picky. BUT what I have found is that VO5 tends to be the best bang for the buck. Even if we have to buy some in a pinch cause we forgot, it tends to run around a buck!

RIGHT NOW IT IS ON SALE AT CVS FOR 65 CENTS! This is as cheap as I've ever seen it! I usually buy it when it hits what I consider rock bottom at 77 cents! Ha! I will be stocking up ASAP.

I hit the box sale again on Saturday--thank you bro for going with me. K and I went together since I am nearly 30wks pregnant and shouldn't be lifting. J stayed and watched M and my SIL stayed and watched their son, whom we call on this blog "Cuz".

It was a little crazier than I remember even the last time I went! I swear, when they reminded us of the rules and then said go, people actually ran down the aisle! What?! Still, K and I got a box each. Not as many canned veggies as I needed and not too much cereal, but some. I always look for certain things...juice, fruity snacks, diapers, cereal, canned veggies. That's really about it. then everything else is extra. If we have room in our pantry, I will likely go back in about a month. It's every two weeks provided the weather holds since it is outside. I'll be out of town 2 weekends from now (yahoo!), but that's alright. Take advantage of this! There is usually a lot of baking type things like flour, cornmeal, baking soda, chocolate chips.......the list goes on.

I went to ALDI tonight to get the bare minimum to get through till payday Monday night. It was awesome. I've been on a Bloom kick cause I like doing the scanner myself as I go. That keeps my tally running with tax and all, but the prices are significantly more than ALDI and/or Walmart. Still I use the $10 off coupons and that has helped. I bought a gallon of milk for $2.85! That is amazing! seriously! it's $4 and something at bloom! What?! O.K. so I may have to make my switch back. I mean, everyone would like their money to buy them more things.

My friend over at itsamomthing reminded me of a very awesome site to check out if you haven't already She mostly deals with CVS deals, which is great for me since I can walk across the street to do this shopping! check this out if you haven't already.


w & j's mommy said...

you and your deals still amaze me! Can you beleive we are about to be mommies of TWO??? What the heck--I was reading this post and thought 30 weeks?? Oh yeah right me too---I think you and Nikki will have your boys before me--

It's a Mom Thing said...

I heart Aldi! I'm trying to wean us off of our namebrand snack foods that we like so I can do nearly all of our shopping at Aldi. One stop that is cheap and I don't have to use coupons. Love it! I've been keeping up with the Money Saving Mom and hope to start CVSing soon. Something about searching the deals and the math and all makes my head hurt...I'm not good at that stuff. But it definitely looks like it is worth it! I still want to go to that sidewalk sale sometime, but just forget.

Hope you have fun on your trip with hubby in a few weekends. This coming weekend is my last time away, as long as the doc says it's ok on Wed...I'll be 35 weeks.