Monday, April 07, 2008

The Day's Happenings

Well, it was a weird day for M. I mean, did I not post last night that she hasn't had an accident in like 2 weeks! Sure enough today, just about everytime she needed to go, she had a little bit in her panties! Gee Wiz! We had a play date today and I hadn't even brought her a bag, cause it's been so long since she had an accident. In fact, tonight, she was obviously frustrated about it all and just asked for a diaper! hahahahaha! seriously?! when is the last time she had a diaper?! But who knows. they say this happens. I just wish it didn't.

I'm feeling a little better about baby preparation. I'm fighting the urge to be discontented with our housing situation. It's a moment by moment thing as I am pregnant and these mood type things seem to be fluctuating a good bit! A friend gave (let me borrow I'm sure) her carrier/base car seat which I'm thrilled about cause though I had the one M used, it was bought used and apparently as of today is no longer up to standards (3 point harness instead of a 5 point harness). I was a little annoyed at that, but now I don't have to worry about it! AND me and M did go pick up the sit and stand stroller from the craiglister fro $30! seriously! I registered for one at target that was a good price but was still a good $100 more! I'm thrilled! Thank you Lord! We scored a really cute, unisex portable swing at a yard sale this weekend for $10 which I thought was a decent price seeing how on craigslist they are going for $15 or more even the ugly, dirty ones. We can only do a small portable one because of the space issue.

My next project is making the kitchen livable after the hopeful yard sale this weekend (though I'm not sure the weather is in my favor). AND making baby boy's space situated (Not to mention the lack of bedding as of yet). I've had trouble finding something to match the fabric I've chosen for a portion of his bedding. I'm bout to give up and go the alternate route and remake my fave quilt that never gets used into his new bedding motif! Seriously! just ready to have it done!

Rocking chair situation! Found the one I like on craigslist a while back but wasn't sure if I was ready. it reappeared this weekend at $25! for an upholstered swivel, gliding rocker that doesn't smell or squeak and that quite possible already matches my existing decorations! OK. that could only be God or too good to be true. We'll see bout it all on Wednesday evening.

My hubs is finally home. Yippee! no more out of towns for another almost 2 weeks. Hallelujah! Had a neat conversation with sis today about needy people and Jesus and our responsibility and how hard it must've been for Him and how hard it is to be like Him. Also about how to live on one salary...that is a fave topic of mine and you know it's not all peaches and cream either, but I still love the choice I/or rather God made for me. Making it work is tough sometimes, but always in the end is worth it. Always. Oh so many good things. Only one slight let hopeful friend, though still a friend and to be determined just how great a friend did turn out to be needy. My radar has been up since I met her and I was beginning to think I was just untrusting or cynical about the idea of having true friends cause we could sit and talk for hours, but I was right. The "needs" came out today and they are not small! They are heavy. So heavy that I have prayed for her and her fam several times since we were together. I even had trouble napping. But it isn't my need and I can not do much about it but pray, so I do that. Knowing that God is over it all.

Where is MY responsibility in it all I don't know. I wanna fight but I also wanna flee, so we shall see what God's plans are in all this. Still I pray for that like minded, safe friend that God has for me in His time.


Shelby said...

I am right there with you.. praying for a good, best friend. It's so hard, not only because of all our moves, but because we have kids and making time for friends becomes even more difficult. I'll pray for you and ask that you pray for me too! I love you!!

kathylove said...

I pray that God will give you the kind of friendship like Jonathan and David in the Bible. I had this kind of friendship for over 20years. We worked together so saw each other 5 days a week. We were Forever Friends..could talk about anything...always encouraged each other...always could be vunerable to each other...laughed together and cried together...had fun together. I miss her...she died of breast cancer almost 3 years ago now - she was 62 yrs old. I walked with her through her chemo treatments. She had it licked for 5 years but then it came back with a vengance. Hard, yes, but I am grateful to have known her and shared life with her and have many fond memories in my heart.
Ahhhhhhh, precious one, you touched a tender spot in my heart tonight. God is good to give us precious memories.