Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Writer's Block

Maybe I'm having writer's block because I'm exhausted. My daughter, almost 11 months, decided for the last 2 days to go way off her schedule nap wise, which of course makes her cranky, which of course makes me cranky...and the cycle is vicious! Today she refused to take her afternoon nap and so she slept a total of 45 min. all day! We did everything we could to keep her awake until bathtime at 7 and then she only took half of her milk before she was as floppy as a wet noodle. Seriously, carrying her upstairs, the washing machine kicked into geer and made me jump from surprise, then a bumped into the door causing another bang, and none of this phased her. I laid her in the bed and raised the rail and that was that. It was great. And now it is 8:13pm and I could crawl into bed without getting ready--that's how tired I am. Amazing. I refuse though. I have nothing of much relevance to say today, but I am going to accomplish something before I crawl into bed dog-gonnit!