Sunday, May 28, 2006

Nitty Gritty

So, there is a lot of just nitty gritty stuff going on in my life right now, and I realized that I never really write about that. I guess I feel like I've always got to have something insightful and mind boggling or inspiring and such. Well, maybe this will inspire, or maybe you'll just think that me and mine are simply nuts. Who cares. Here it is.

We are poor. Really, salary wise we are smack dab in the middle of average American. However, following our friend "Katrina," we made some dumb financial decision and plummeted ourselves into deeper debt. Now we can't blame everything on "Katrina," but I will say that prior to that event, my husband and I had a very specific plan and were hacking away at our debt. Granted, at that point, we really were poor. We were on the WIC program. We both worked. We had free childcare, one car, were breastfeeding (saves moola), student housing ($400/mos), tuition (which was cut in half by scholarships/grants), and who knows what else.

Then "Katrina" blows through and suddenly we've got to provide basic necessities with no income for 6 weeks until we can get back to our house to get these basic necessities that we already owned but had no access to. We have a day, two tops to get it all and get out (we know we are blessed to have had most of it still retainable). Then we scramble to get a "home" to rent (deposit, app. fee, etc.) for 3 months till we know better what the future holds for us--and this with no secure employment. Finally a job! It's not great, but it's something! It's boring--alot like Office Space the movie--but it is income. I still haven't figured out if I'm supposed to work. I loved work! Really! But I have a child at home who needs me, not to mention childcare is expensive and makes working seem like not enough money for the time put in. So, if we are now living 28 miles from Jason's job, not to mention the frequent traveling he does to and from his various facilities, and I am stuck at home with an infant, it seemed that we needed a second vehicle.

Here's our biggest boo-boo. Instead of graciously accepting the freely offered vehicle from his brother, we take on the responsibility of another car note; a van-sized car note.

We are lamenting that decision now that we are trying to go the Dave Ramsey route and get ourselves out from the financial pile that is smothering us, to the abundant life of financial freedom.

We are doing well as is and finally have a budget that at least works. We are trying the envelope system, and we have managed to pay off the Taurus! Still besides rent, our biggest issue is the lovely van-sized payment. So!!! Here is the crazy part. Jason and I, and my brother's family, are praying for a $4,000 vehicle. We are not picky about make or model or year. We do want it to be reliable since my child will likely spend a decent amount of time in there. But after much prayer, debate, and discussion, Jason and I have decided that we are on the same page and will pray in agreement, and we are excited to see how God answers this prayer! Can't wait to tell that story.

So there is the nitty gritty. Hope you didn't get too bored. Maybe it even inspired you to get you finances in order, communicate with you spouse, or even to pray. Who knows, but there it is.


DEBTective said...

Dollface, I'm proud of you for working to deep-six your debt and get on Dave Ramsey's plan. It makes tons of sense. Keep going and good luck ... it'll all work out, baby!