Saturday, May 27, 2006


Sweet day from heaven! I got to leave my house with no responsibilities other than to pamper myself and try to ignore the fact that I have dependents. Now I know that anyone else out there who has a spouse or child knows exactly what I'm talking about! The last time I got to leave my house alone and just for the sheer purpose of doing something just for yourself was November! And it had been way before that in November. In fact, when I left for my outing in November, I had less than 2 hours and I cried on the way to the mall cause I was so relieved and overdue for the break. Then I get into the mall and have no idea what to do. I barely shopped. I felt like I needed a personal shopper or something.

Today I knew right what I wanted. I wanted to escape into storyworld in the dark in front of a big screen with one hand in a tub of greasy popcorn that cost more than a kidney, and the other hand gripping the icee I'd craved for a week! I didn't even care what show I was watching (disappointed that most of the movies I wished to see weren't even out yet). So I hunkered down and watched Over the Hedge. It was a cute movie with a moral, although the storyline at least thematically seemed repetitively familiar. At one point I began to comment out loud because I had forgotten that I was finally alone. Ahhh!!! Thank you God and Husband for relieving me of my never-ending employment for those few precious hours. You may never know how much those times mean to me. They seem to somehow restore a small sense of my humanity.