Monday, May 29, 2006


Hallelujah for a four day weekend! Of course it makes the week that follows just fly by. That used to be a good thing, but now it seems a little sad. I know that I have party plannin day with my mother-in-law tomorrow which is likely to be an all day event. Wednesday, I have to work childcare that night which severely shortens my day. Thursday, I have to work childcare during the day for a VBS meeting. And Friday? Hopefully no scheduled events. Then it's off to the races again starting on Sunday with a lovely membership class (finally found a church we can get at least a bit excited about). Monday is childcare all morning, a drive to Montgomery to see two college friends and their babies. Then Tuesday through Friday of that next week is everday childcare from 9-12:30pm VBS!

Just writing it all down makes me tired. I promise my life hasn't been this "busy" in I don't know how long. And truthfully, I prefer a slower pace. I used to pride myself on all that I could accomplish in a short amount of time. It sort of made me feel superhuman. Now I see how stupid that was, and whether or not that makes me feel older or is that way because I am older, I don't care. God says that we are to live an abundant life. How can life be abundant if it's flying by so fast we can't even remember what we did when and with whom.

I know that my husband would think that I had absolutely lost my marbles, but I wouldn't mind living with so much less. Everyday I think he would be less surprised by this statement. I am so satisfied with having the necessities and my family. Sure it's nice to have some things, but sometimes having so many things is not so nice, more like overwhelming and chaotic. Truthfully, I have learned how to create alot from a little, and I like doing it. It is challenging and fun! I think it's funny that I feel like I have to be so secretive about this wanting less stuff, and less expensive stuff. I guess that's not at all in sync with society, so it somehow feels unnatural and strange. Regardless, people that live this way tend to be much more content and peaceful.