Saturday, May 20, 2006

Still Unpacking

You know...we moved here in December and I have spent the last two nights unpacking and would you believe there are still 4 or so boxes to go! It's like a never-ending cycle for us. For one reason or another my husband and I have moved just about once a year since we've been married! I wouldn't be surprised if there was another move in our not too distant future. See, we didn't choose this last move, it chose us. Won't you know as soon as I get the last box unpacked, the last picture hung, the last decoration in place, it'll be time to pack again.

It has its advantages. Newness is exciting and adventurous, but if you are leaving so soon there seems to be a lack of motivation to get involved, to build relationships and such. That is sad. My friend, Kelli, reminded me that we need to seize every moment because it is all we have. I may be here a long while or not long at all but these moments however long or short are equally important. I know in my mind that is true, but my heart hasn't wanted to hear that yet. After all I've been through this past year, baby, Katrina, loss of jobs, change of environment, increased debt, and loss of support group (friends and family), I think my heart can not yet gear up for attaching and separating again. I guess there are some other figurative "boxes" still in need of unpacking.