Monday, October 01, 2007

The Truth Shall Set You Free

So I've been asking you to pray for my family for a while as they have been going through a difficult time. In general, it's over and done, but the after quakes are in full swing.

My dad was asked to resign. He did not feel that God was leading him in that way. There were some reasons, three to be exact, but small in my opinion and certainly not requiring resignation, maybe just guidance. If you need to know more specifics, I suppose you'll need to ask dad or the others involved. In no small way did I chose to post in order to make sure those that have heard understand that according to his employer THERE IS NO MORAL ISSUE HERE. Dad's godliness and integrity were not in question. Simply put, certain accusers had lost confidence in his leadership.

He did not turn in his resignation. His only request was that the situation be handled in standing with the bible and in truth. Since there was no assurance given for this, he refused to hand in his resignation and thus was terminated.

That's it. There's the story. Now you know better how to pray. Please continue to do so for my family.


Now those of you that know me...well need to know that I am not necessarily O.K. with all that has occurred. I am handling my emotions day by day and only with God's help. Scripture helps the most. Please continue to encourage me to keep things real, to check my attitude, mood, actions, etc. with scripture. Even and especially in the midst of trials I want to identify with Him.


Meredith Peel said...

You don't have to approve this comment for publishing, I just feel the need to make it. I cannot believe that no one has had enough cahoneys to comment on this post! Don't your friends from Taylors READ your blog?! And if so, aren't friends supposed to stand up with friends?! As much as I am hurting for Mom & Dad and all that you and my brother/SIL are going through, I am so glad, once again, that I do not live here...

A. Magner said...

I know you don't really know me; my husband and I live in Charleston now, but we used to attend TFBC. I link to your blog and your SIL's through some mutual friends. Obviously, I have no clue about what happened, but I have been reading your blogs, and my heart has been hurting for you and your family. It is awesome that you are willing to be so transparent on your blog about this situation. I have checked back everyday to see if you had any comments as well. Please know I have lifted you guys up in prayer this week, and I will continue to. From what I have seen in our visits to the Upstate, your dad is an amazingly talented man, and I know God has something big for him.
Annie Magner