Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big Saturday

Today has been a BIG day in so many ways. Me, my SIL family, my parents had a huge yard sale. We always use my house cause it's on a main road and gets a lot of traffic. I couldn't sleep cause I had the yard sale jitters that someone was up early sifting through my stuff while I was sleeping. I woke at 3:30, 4:30, and then just stayed awake in bed till 5:30 when I finally drug myself up and out the door to set up.

It was soooo cold this morning too! Good thing my SIL brought me some yummy breakfast and HOT coffee. My parents overslept, so I had to call them (not like they don't deserve to sleep in after the month they've had!). Still I needed organizational help.

AND I didn't get to go to my $6 box sale which I was really hoping to slip away too. That helps so much with the budget usually. Oh well. I'll have to play sweep the pantry till the next one in 2 weeks.

Altogether we made a hair over $450! How bout that for a yard sale where in we didn't put up signs or post it in the paper (we did do craigslist though). In fact we didn't even try to sell a good deal of furniture cause we knew we would get a better deal on craigslist. So that's our next project. AND I got something I've been looking for to organize M's purses and hats (free from the pile). I also got a Christmas gift for hubs from my BIL's pile and a scarecrow to go on my porch as I have been heavy into the project of bring fall to my house. One annoying thing happened...I had set aside (at the end of the sale) a slew of maternity clothes and baby girl things for my friend who is pregnant, and while I was putting M to nap, Hubs sold the entire tub full to some old ladies for $2.00! I was ill. At least if he was going to sell it he could have asked a good price! Oh well. I tried.

We made a family trip to ALDI and I ran into BiLo for the few things we can't get at ALDI. I'm starting to like shopping together. We are trying the cash system again and it really helps having Hubs there tallying as we go. We use our list and I even menu plan. This helps cut down on unnecessary spending. M was delightful too. She was so happy she was singing songs aloud! It was fun.

To top it off, we stopped at my friend Sarah's house cause she so kindly scoured around for an old phone I could use. See, I don't remember if I posted this or not, but I laid my phone on the hood of someone's car at the party last saturday and never saw it again. Totally my fault, but you know...if I could help not having to spend money on a new phone, that's great! So Sarah got her FIL's old phone and charger. It's nice too. I'm thrilled and can hardly wait to activate it. I'm sure the text box is full if not the voice mail. So, if you think I don't like you cause I haven't called you back, it's not's just that I have no idea you called! Ha! I hope to remedy that soon. And M kept saying "Mommy, you got a present?!" To which I replied "Oh yes! I got a new phone!"


Meredith Peel said...

This has nothing to do with your "Big Saturday" post, but I wanted you to know I'd heard about some visitor's of yours suggesting that your blog is "too honest" and you should stop writing. All I can say is that I, for one, am thrilled to know that the truth is out there...