Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The First Frost

Well, October is nearly over and we finally got our first frost. I'm looking forward to really seeing the changing leaves now! M has been talking all about the leaves and colors of fall! In fact, she's been learning and practicing her spanish colors that way. She amazes me with her little spongy brain!

So much has happened since I posted last and I feel as though I owe some type of explanation for why I've been silent, but I know that technically I don't owe any explanation, so I'm not giving one! Ha! Is that mean or what! No, seriously. I haven't posted cause I haven't wanted to take the time, because I have far more to say than I can, and cause I've been in and out of a funk. So there it is.

Trying to figure out the upcoming holidays! This is still hard after 6 years of marriage. We know we like to reserve Christmas for our little special family! It's our coveted time for making memories and such. But Thanksgiving is hard this year cause my FOO and extended family (FOO is family of origin) are all getting together to celebrate a bunch of uncles turning 60 and cousins that I haven't seen since before M was even a thought are going to be there with all their children (and when I say ALL I mean they all have soooo many). I really want to be in the middle of all that and I love seeing my Grandmother, Mamaw, but it's a pretty long trip for a 2 year old not to mention the massive amount of gas (aka money). Then we have the issue that to get to Jackson from here we'll have to pass through B'ham, so that is good and difficult. That is where my whole in-law family lives which is great cause we would get to see them too. But we'd have to keep getting back in the car to keep going further! Who knows...we are going back and forth. Either way we are definitely getting to B'ham for Thanksgiving. We rarely get "enough" time there when we go though...you know how it is.

Do others still struggle with this? I know you have to. I think I put this question into the Mom-to-mom round table discussion box. Speaking of that...IT'S TOMORROW! I'm thrilled. Seriously. Mom to Mom this past week was the highlight of the entire week (just about). It was like that moment in Steel Magnolias where Truvy says that laughter through tears is her favorite emotion! What a blessing! We cried with one gal in her struggles and we laughed with everybody trying to talk about S-to the -E-to the -X in church with our Titus women! It was a riot! Precious times of being real and vulnerable. I'm glad God worked things out the way He did. Oh, He knows...every little thing that we need or even will need eventually. So tomorrow is round table where the Titus ladies (the older wiser ones) try to answer our generally anonymous questions that have been collecting in a box since September. Love it. Can't wait.

So much more to say and tell, but I've said enough for now. Time to go sew. working on decor for my friends home. so fun. A little indigo girls, a little heat (finally), a lot of concentration, and hopefully lots of prayerful thoughts, as I work to get to the end of several projects which will be so satisfying to see those end products. bedskirt and duvet and curtain.


Meredith Peel said...

I'm thrilled you posted again! I would love for y'all to come to Tgiving. Maybe we could help some with gas $? If you want... We have to go through B'ham too, we could try to caravan...
I definitely struggle with the division of time between families. It's hard in these days when no one lives as close to each other as before. Enjoy your mom-to-mom thing!

Shelby said...

Yes, yes, yes... we struggle with the whole holiday-spending-time with family thing. I think everyone does. I guess when I think about growing up, we only had one extended family to spend time with (my dad's parents) as my mom's parents died when I was only 2-3 years old. So, I only grew up with one set of grandparents; therefore, I guess it made it easy on my parents as to who/where/when to spend holidays with. Even if my mom's parents were still alive during my childhood, they lived in the same town as my other grandparents, so then again, it would have been easy to spend time with both.

So, K wants to reserve Christmas for our little family, which I like and dislike.. I mean, Christmas to me has always been celebrated BIG with many extended family as well as friends. So, I of course, want to go see my family. He could really go either way. As far as Thanksgiving, I wanted to be in the middle of that big family reunion too, until K's JOB squelched that whole plan. He has to work the whole T-giving weekend (besides T-giving itself). So, I guess that answered our problem for us. I really wanted to go though, so I could meet even more of your family and so Mam-ma could meet Stone. It is a long drive, so if you go, blessings!!

kathylove said...

Glad to see you back blogging - missed reading your posts.
I know the Thanksgiving FOO deal is a hard one. You will have to do what you have to do. It will work out. I know Kelley and her crew will be there. Just maybe Todd and Amy's families may come but they have not worked out the details of a trip or even settled on if they can make it. Jenny will be 7 months pregnate by then so they are not sure about traveling the distance of 14++ hours. We will be there on Wed. So will Kelley and crew, but we all will have to leave after the 60th BD party on Sat. and make our journey back home!
Happy Titus Day tomorrow. Hope you get all thouse questions answered!
love and hugs, auntkathylove