Monday, October 01, 2007

$6 Box Sale

I did it. I finally went back to the $6 a box sale. It was insane! Word of mouth can really draw a crowd. Wherein we were able to go to and fro the aisles a good 3 times on our last visit, this time there were so many people that we barely made it down 3 aisles before there were slim pickins. I will definitely have to take pics before it starts next time. There is no way to take a pic once it has started unless you are uninterested in filling your box with things you need.

BTW this is not shopping for the tenderhearted. It's push and shove to get to the juice before the next gal gets it. I really didn't get to some of the things I really needed, but I still filled my box with useful things. And here is my list...REMEMBER all of these combined only cost $6!

1 glass jar of Lime juice (lemon juice was on my grocery list, so this is great!)
1 large jug of Gatorade
1 medium jug of strawberry banana juice
Hogsen Mill Soy flour (I use this all the time for egg substitute in baking)
1 baking soda
4 balance mix protein bars (my fave believe it or not!)
1 pack of quaker granola bars
2 liter ginger ales
1 ensure
1 pack bud's best animal crackers
1 pack sugar free animal crackers
18pk. pampers diapers
1 box of swiss miss hot cocoa w/ marshmallows
buttermilk pancake and waffle mix
1 pack of rice cakes
2 jif to go peanut butters
2 spaghettios
3 green beans
1 family size green beans
1 carnation evaporated milk
2 campbells chicken noodle soup
1 kraft mac n cheese
1 easy mac
1 ranch style beans
1 oatmeal squares cereal
1 fiber one type cereal
1 vanilla sandwich creams
2 bars of dial soap

So fun! Love a good shopping experience.


Lu said...

Wow! Where do you live again?! I wanna go to a $6 box sale!